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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How to Shopping Around for Great Travel Deals

When I was student I had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania and India to gain real world experience teaching and lecturing to students and community members. My travels that summer before my Junior year solidified for me what I want to do with my life. I think it is important for students especially to experience the world and diversify their experiences. The great thing about travel as I have experience is that it provides a great resume builder and as a bonus a great conversation piece for employers. In fact, I find that anyone who has the opportunity to travel regardless of age or occupation should seize the opportunity to travel within and outside of their home country.

Because their are so many travel sites on the web today, people have an infinite amount of options as far as hotels, transportation, flights, vacation packages, etc. This can make your traveling experience very stressful even before you get on the plane, but if you are a serious traveler like myself you will research all your options well before your trip. With my experience and lengthy searching, I have found a great travel site I use to find great deals on travel. This site does not only sell Cheap Airfare, but can help you find great
accommodations, hostels, and so much more. In addition, this is the site I found my flights on for about one third the price of other discount sites.

STA Travel provides travel booking services to all age ranges, but specializes in student travel. The site will also match any airfare you find that is cheaper and give you an ISIC card as well. If you do not know exactly what or where you want to go, the site also has great suggestions on travel to help give you some ideas of where you might want to go. In addition, STA Travel specializes in student travel, accommodations, study abroad, spring break, summer vacation packages, and adventure travel across the globe. Because they offer so many great deals, they allow you to see more while traveling!!

What sets this site apart from others is they offer international discount cards called the ISIC and IYTC. Both cards allow the holder to receive discounts in 1000s of stores in the U.S. and around the world including Apple,, Virgin Megastore and

While their service provides discount to students, anyone can book with them and receive great discounts on their flights, accommodations, adventure packages, volunteer opportunities and much more. This site is too good to pass up and believe me you will not find a better site. If you want to save and travel, then click here.